Exploration & Production

The operations team consists of industry leaders having global experience in Drilling, Geology, Petroleum Engineering.

Construction & Installation

Construction and installation of all works for oil exploration and producing plant, petrochemical plants, liquefied natural gas plant, refineries, pipelines and water mains.

Extraction & Processing

Extraction, refining, processing, blending, movement and storage of oil and hydrocarbon gases, liquids and solids

Who We Are

At Dimensional Global Trading and Services Ltd, we implement innovative, efficient and sustainable exploration, development and production solutions in respond to our future energy challenges. We are consistently raising the bar for safety, and engineered to leverage on technology as a key factor to gain a competitive advantage and add value to our integrated business model.

Our Core Values


Dimensional Global Trading and Services Limited is an equal opportunity employer. Through an invigorating work environment, ample learning opportunities and attractive benefits, the company grooms its employees to be the ambassadors of a sustainable tomorrow. We believes in the pursuit of holistic sustainable development through creativity, commitment and integrity.

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